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Passion= success!

By Francis Breault

We hear more and more about the purpose of companies. The synonym often used is corporate culture. Often, start-ups create a business plan with values, mission, and vision and articulate their goals in their purpose. This is a good start. But today, we're going to dig deeper.

At the end of this article, you will know how some successful companies have grown their business internationally.

I'll start by asking you a question: how do you think Starbucks got us addicted to their coffee? In addition, its selling prices are higher than those of its competitors.

I find it interesting because there is a small restaurant that offers coffee a few steps from our office and we have good coffee and a coffee machine in the office, but nothing seems to match Starbucks. Why? You also like to hear your name when they serve you your coffee in a cup, admit it!

You will surely agree that there is magic in the air when we walk into Starbucks.

Now let’s analyze a company that comes from here.

I have great admiration for the founder of this company: Fruits & Passion. It was founded in Candiac in 1992 by Jean Hurteau, his wife and his brother.

In less than 20 years, the company has become a world leader. And between you and me, there are markets that are easier to develop than body care.

How did the Fruits & Passion team manage to enter international markets and continue to grow?

The company is called Fruits & Passion, but it would also carry the name PASSION & Fruits very well. I hear some people say, "Yeah, but it's easy when we're big and have big budgets...".

In fact, all companies that have BECOME great have built their foundation on PASSION.

Your duty today is to ask yourself this question: How can I make my team passionate about our mission?

Find your passion and share it.


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