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Our mission

What we do

Analysis, planning and execution of your growth

At VendArt, we understand that only the most innovative companies that are “in the face” of people survive and grow. We therefore do everything in our power to help you become the leaders of your niche.


That's why we don't just talk in terms of projection, statistics, traffic or potential. It doesn't matter how many people visit your website if none of them actually turn into cash. 


With whom?


Since 2014, VendArt has supported its clients from various fields in their growth. We are an experienced team in business development, traditional marketing, digital marketing, sales, advertising and design.


We have the expertise and skills to grow your business. We find the best tactics for your situation and your needs.  



Lean  and  blitz scaling

We validate as quickly as possible if your idea will generate income. With validation tools, we get in touch with real prospects in order to pre-sell your project.  


We get the data to validate market interest, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, growth potential and other metrics we need. Before actually starting a project or obtaining financing, our analysis methods reduce the risk and increase the success rate.


The objective is to validate your project as quickly as possible in order to know the economic units and the success rate.


We design brands with data in mind. Commitment and sale are the essence of nos branding.

For advertising campaigns, corporate videos and sales content.


From the creation of a website to the distribution of your message, we support you throughout your online deployment.


VendArt takes care of increasing sales through the actions of its sales force to grow your brand.

During our consulting and training sessions, our goal is to give you the know-how and the tools to turn your vision into reality.

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