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Attracting the right talent to grow

By Francis Breault, special collaboration (Journal Accès)

Brands transform the way we live.

Take, for example, a well-known big brand (whose name I won't mention) that was very successful in years past, but is now has field fo bankruptcy. The concept was excellent: find everything for the family and the house under one roof. However, they forgot essential aspects in her journey. I may be a millennial, but I remember the Christmas catalog coming in the mail. My sister, brother and I were so excited and rushed to place our orders. This brand had a very unique positioning with its catalogs.

Unfortunately, the in-store customer experience was not as pleasant. The employees were often people close to retirement or students who did not have the brand tattooed on their hearts.

This company completely ignored (forgot?) to innovate in its ways of doing things and to develop its employer brand. An employer brand is the internal marketing of a company, which positively influences employees to get involved in the development of the company and, above all, to serve customers well.

Often, companies want to focus their efforts and investments in advertising to attract new customers, but forget the most important: the internal, that is, the core of the company.

All companies should always start by developing their brand internally to attract the right talent who will have a positive impact in the loyalty of their customers. This will grow the external brand organically (naturally)!

Attracting good talent who will deliver the goods and make your customers happy is a big challenge.

Personally, I love developing employer brands and helping our clients make their employees happy to work for them.

To sculpt an employer brand that brings out the unique traits of the company's purpose and, of course, to increase the capital of the company is very benefical

Now work on your internal marketing. The first phase is to define your unique offer as an employer. Next, define the environment (also called the company culture) that you want to bring out.

Next, create a persona (a persona is, in marketing, an imaginary character representing a target group or segment) that defines the characters you are looking for. These are the guiding principles, but of course, if you want to get maximum ROI (return on investment) from your efforts, partner with experts.

Like when you need a root canal treatment: you trust a dentist; you won't try to treat yourself, unless you're a dentist, and then again... So the same principle applies in business, especially when it comes to defining your employer brand, because it has a great impact on the life of your business.

So, work as a team with people who enjoy it!


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