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About Us 


We value your knowledge and passions because we believe you make a difference in your field. Our Art is to accompany you on the path to success and to see you reach the highest peaks. 

We are inspired by those who break the mold, those who dare to push boundaries and stand out. At VendArt, we believe in your audacity and your ability to achieve great things. We invite you to seize the opportunities available to you now. Trust VendArt to help you achieve your goals.



We understand that starting and growing a business can be a daunting task, and that's where we come in.

We put our expertise and know-how at your disposal to help you turn your ideas into reality. Whether you are validating your concept, seeking strategic advice, designing your brand or executing your sales, we are here to support you.


Our approach is centered on you. We believe in the power of your ambitions and your vision, and we are determined to accompany you throughout your journey. Our experienced team understands the challenges you face and is ready to meet those challenges alongside you.

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Do you have a brilliant idea that longs to be realized, but you wonder if it is viable on the market? We work closely with you to understand your goals, vision and target audience.


We contact your potential customers to measure the real interest of the market, develop analysis and strategic planning.

You have worked hard to develop your project and it is finally ready to be launched on the market. That's why we use the data obtained during the validation phase to help you launch successfully.

We launch your project with you, leveraging our marketing expertise and our sales force. VendArt takes care of getting your first customers.

Is your business ready to move up a gear and accelerate its growth? Our approach to growth is based on a winning combination: in-depth market expertise, precise trend analysis and a well-developed strategy.

You benefit from a team dedicated to your growth, without having to assume internal financial responsibilities.

Business Team

Stéphanie Léger, 
Account Manager, Eastern Canada, Cheese Factory

VendArt offers us a very good service and monitoring of all our events. In addition, they ensure the marketing and availability of our products at all our events. The team members are very dynamic and make sure to push sales to the maximum. We are very satisfied with our experience with them.


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Ben Benzakour, 
Sales and Marketing
Distributions Bellucci

For your information, we have been using the services of  VendArt for about 2 years.

We, as well as our customers, are completely satisfied with the service. We will not hesitate to recommend them.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.


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Let us support the validation and execution of your ideas. At VendArt, we specialize in these essential areas to help you move forward and focus on leveraging your strengths.

Imagine seeing your ideas come to life, validated and put into action. Feel the excitement growing within you as you visualize the tangible results you can achieve. Thanks to our expertise in validation and execution, we are here to support you throughout this process.

Giff Dora.gif

The VendArt team did a top-to-bottom analysis of our business for free to see where our gaps were.

They then offered us an extraordinary strategy in which we embarked with great pleasure: online advertisements with a #trulyfromhere superheroine.

We can say that they did a remarkable job, because in addition to having solidified our current accounts, they were able to engage our consumers and seduce a younger clientele.


The table was set to extend our distribution to other banners. One year later: our sales have increased by 9%!

We sincerely thank VendArt for their help and recommend them to everyone!

Thank you,

Amélie Limoges, direction of Pied-Mont Dora


Cost reduction: By opting for VendArt's expertise, you will save on costs related to salaries, benefits, and recruitment expenses. We offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to optimize your marketing budget and invest more in customer generation.

Specialized experts: Working with VendArt means having access to a complete team of highly qualified and experienced marketing experts. Unlike internal hiring, where you are limited to the skills and experience of a single individual, VendArt provides you with a diverse team with specialized knowledge in different areas of marketing and sales.

Flexibility: With VendArt, you can quickly adapt to market changes and new marketing trends, benefiting from our expertise and in-depth knowledge.

Sales and Marketing strategies: On demand

Digital marketing: On demand

Specialists: On demand

Cold Caller: On demand

Sales Representative: On demand

Average investment: Depending on the projects

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We use the expertise of the VendArt team for the launch and marketing of our products. In fact, they take care of all the steps to market a product and lead us to think about our business vision and our growth procedures. Their personalized approach and their understanding of our culture give us the impression that they are part of the internal Stratéjia team, without having the responsibility of managing a sales team.

In just three months, we got eleven new clients. 

Here is how the VendArt team supports us successfully:

Market analysis and validation
Implementation of a CRM 
Creation of a sales pipeline
Lead generation and qualification
Pitches to customers
Closing new customers
Staff training
Calculation of economic units
Financial projection and determination of the break-even point
Strategic support

Thanking you very much for your good collaboration,

-Jean-Sébastien Darveau, President of Stratéjia

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